BT 21st Century

We are currently contacting our clients who are using PSTN (telephone line) to connect their alarms to the Central Station, to inform them that the move to all-IP (Internet) has started. BT will be shutting down its public switched telephone network (PSTN) by 2025, and because some alarm signals are sent over PSTN, they’ll be affected. Salisbury and Mildenhall are the first areas to start moving to all-IP. Openreach have announced a further 168 exchanges where they will soon stop selling traditional PSTN phone lines and communication providers will start to migrate customers to all-IP. The new digital technology that will replace the PSTN is faster, more reliable and much easier to maintain. It’s called the IP network. It carries telephone calls and alarms signals over a broadband connection, in the same way as data. It’s vital that homes and business move their alarm signalling over to the new IP network so that they aren’t left unprotected. Every device that dials up using the PSTN will be affected. Due to the varied types of communicators, please contact the office by email or 01202 840862 to discuss your requirements.

Don’t understand? Here is a helpful video to explain why we are doing this


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